Offer a Proactive chat service

Chat work best when actively targeting potential visitors through proactive services prompts. Effective chat sales are not unlike sales in physical stores. Better result yields by approaching in a customized way, depending on the context and situation of the visitor.

Proactive chat service requires a decision about the trigger – who to target and when – and the opening statement. Both are important – you want to focus on visitors likely to engage with the chat instead of just closing it – and creating an engaging opening statement – call-to-action, if you will, to make emphasize the value visitor will be getting out of the chat.

We’ve created a resource to help you get started with offering a tailored opening sentence for your live chat or chatbots.

Below are some ofthe ways that a chatbot or a human livechat operator could proactively engage a visitor on your organization’s website.

Chat greetings on the front page

The greeting should friendly and professional. Try to avoid being too pushy, too direct, or leaving the impression you are observing their visit as that may alienate potential visitors.

  • Hi John, welcometo Cool Gadgets, how may I help you?
  • Welcome to our site. I’m here to help you.
  • Hello, do you have any questions about Cool Gadgets?
  • Hi! Can Ihelpyou navigateourwebsite?

Help shoppers through chat on the product page

Strive to answer any questions about the products and help with selections.

  • Hi, do you need some help selecting one of our products?
  • I’ve noticed you’re browsing our products, can I help you with…?
  • Hi, not sure which one is better? Let me help!
  • Do you have any questions about our products?

Pricing page has the most potential buyers

Reach out to the customer to make sure they understand what options would work best for them. This may be the most important page for lead generation and sales, because visitor will visit this page only after they are interested in the product.

  • Would you like more detailsabout our pricing?
  • Would you like a personalized quote? I’d be happy to provide one.
  • Hi, can I guide you in your service selection?
  • Undecided? Let me help with your selection.

Contact us page

Customers on this page want contactwith you, initiate the chat. On this page, you’ll often have the most important conversations, as this is the page people are searching for when they want to request a quotation, a purchase, or have problems with the product. Be prepared to discuss a variety of topics on this page.

  • Hi, I can’t wait to start chatting with you, just drop a note here.
  • Chat is the easiest way to contact us, drop us a line!
  • Do you have questions about our products and services? Please ask!
  • I’m here to help, ask away!

Support request page

Admit fault, and promise to make the customer happy.

  • How can I help you today with yourproblem?
  • I’m sorry about your problem, I’ll find the best solution for you.
  • I’m sorry you are unhappy with service/product, I’ll straighten this out for you.
  • I’d be happy to help, let me make this right for you.

Shopping cart page

Help the customer through the final purchase stages. Confirm the purchase and thank the customer.

  • May I help you complete yourorder?
  • I noticed you didn’t finish your purchase, can I help?
  • Oops! Did you forget some items in your cart?
  • Need help? I’d be happy to assist with your order.
  • Thank you for your order, and have a great day!

Blog posts

Open the conversation by relating to the blog post, or to the potential challenges and intents of the visitor

  • Would you like to learn more about {blog topic}?
  • We can help with {blog topic}! Just ask me!
  • Did you know {fact related to the post or a related service}?

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