Chatbots for Tourism

Chatbots are used in various industries nowadays but for tourism, they help people book their travel and hotel rooms. Some even suggest destinations to match travelers’ wishes.


Expedia for Facebook Messenger lets tourists describe their hotel needs, asks questions for clarification, and offers a selection of suitable hotels.


Kayak for Slack is a Slack app which is available from any Slack workspace by typing ”/kayak” after installing it. It accepts natural language queries for flights or hotels.


Mezi is a chatbot app for Android and iOS which aids in selecting flights, hotels, and places to eat and lets users book through the app.


SnapTravel lets users ask about travel and hotel arrangements over Facebook Messenger, Slack, or SMS. Human assistance is available.

Hello Hipmunk

Hello Hipmunk answers questions and does booking for travel and hotels, as well as suggesting vacation places. It’s reachable through Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Slack.


Skyscanner has a Facebook Messenger bot for interactive searches for flights. It offers ”inspirational suggestions” for people trying to choose a destination.

Cheapflights Chat

Cheapflights Chat claims it was the first Facebook Messenger bot for searching for flights and hotels. It finds the lowest-priced flights and lets the user book them.

Guide Gate

Guide Gate is a chatbot app which recommends destinations and activities and lets people connect with local guides.


Roomfilla offers a chatbot for vacation rentals, connecting up owners with travelers. Its base of properties is located mostly in Southeast Asia.


BnBChatbot lets vacation rental owners connect with potential renters through Facebook Messenger. Travelers pay directly through the bot.


Julie is Amtrak’s system for answering train-related queries. It accepts natural language but responds by directing visitors to an appropriate page rather than conversing.


Pana requires a paid subscription and is primarily aimed at business users, but all kinds of travelers can use it. Users can make travel arrangements through email, SMS, or an app. Human assistance is available.