Chatbots for restaurants

Chatbots can revolutionize the way restaurants do business in many ways. Here are ways restaurants can benefit from chatbots:

Making reservations

With chatbots, customers can make reservations easily through their phones without having to make a call to the restaurant of filling unnecessary papers.

Taking orders

The chatbots are efficient in service. The customer only has to feed in what he needs to eat, and the chatbots do the rest.


If the customer was waiting for his room to be prepared, a chatbot will notify him when the room is ready. This seamless and timely communication creates a memorable customer experience and helps the customer have reasonable expectations.

Fills the information gap

Sometimes a customer needs to know more about the restaurant than what is on the ’About Us’ page. The chatbot can avail this required information hence filling a communication gap.

Virtual customer support

Sometimes a prospective client wants to visit the restaurants but does not know how to book for a reservation, chatbots can guide the prospect every step of the way until the booking process is complete. Having chatbots in place gives the restaurant owner the peace of mind that a virtual assistant is doing an excellent job on the proprietor’s behalf.

Give meal recommendations

If the customer wants to order a meal but does not know the right combination, a chatbot can give suggestions. This saves him time as he will not have to wait for the waiter to make an order.

Pre-order special dishes

One of the most significant problems of the JIT (Just In Time) approach is that the customer takes so long waiting for his meal to be prepared. With chatbots a customer does not have to wait for long. He can make the request through a chatbot before his arrival; the chatbot will notify him when the special dish is ready so that he walks in the restaurant when the food is already on the table.


Chatbots can handle inquiries from anybody interested in doing business with the restaurant. This could range from suppliers of fresh vegetables to customers looking for a specific dish.

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