How Chatbots are Giving the Airline Industry an Upgrade: Chatbots in Airlines Industry

Airlines have a long history of less than stellar customer service, but chatbots are promising to change that narrative. The introduction of AI-powered bots are allowing airlines to connect with customers more directly, leading to streamlined processes and quicker response times.

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Chatbots for searching and shopping

Airlines are eager to improve their customer relationships, starting with the booking process.

Chatbots present a new way for customers to search for flight information, find the best flight options for their needs, and book tickets. Bots also make the experience of buying a plane ticket less stressful by gathering all the necessary information in a simple conversation.

Chatbots for checking in

Some airlines are allowing passengers to check-in via chatbot, significantly decreasing the amount of time spent waiting in lines.

Passengers can also use bots to find information about gate departures, check luggage weight limits, and ask about connecting flights. Best of all, this allows passengers to keep all their critical flight information, from booking to boarding passes, stored in one location.

Complex questions will still be seamlessly transferred to live customer service, but with less time spent waiting on hold.

Chatbots are available when plans change

If a passenger needs to edit flight information, many airlines are offering the opportunity to do so via chatbot. Instead of calling into a customer service line, customers can talk to a chatbot to change seats or upgrade tickets.

Bots can even offer personalized travel advice and promotions to help customers make informed decisions.

Chatbots  give passengers more control

Some airlines are still in the process of testing their proposed chatbots, such as bots that allow passengers to select in-flight meals before departure and obtain information about in-flight Wi-Fi. Chatbots have even offered new solutions to help customers navigate airports and deal with missed flights.

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